Woman Shows Up To Clean Abandoned House And Finds A Dog In The Attic

On October 8th, Jami Lassell got a call from her sister-in-law with some heartbreaking news, writes thedodo

While cleaning out a house in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, they’d come across a dog locked in the attic and didn’t know what to do.

“I said, ‘I’ll be there in 10 minutes and will come and pick her up.’ And they’re like, ‘We’re just warning you, she’s completely skin and bones. I don’t know the last time she was fed anything,’” Lassell told The Dodo.

It was impossible to tell just how long the young pit bull named Remi had been trapped in the attic. She’d chewed through the walls and door in an attempt to free herself — and the room was littered with feces and fleas.

When Lassell finally met the abandoned dog, she was shocked by the warm greeting she received. “She is the most loving dog I’ve ever met,” Lassell said. “As soon as she saw me, her tail started going — she just wanted love.”

Lassell planned on fostering Remi until she was healthy enough to adopt out, but from the moment Remi set foot in Lassell’s house, the plan changed.

“She came home with me, and I was like, ‘I can’t give her up,’” Lassell said.

After several flea baths and a few good meals, Lassell brought Remi to the vet, where she learned that one of the dog’s legs was broken and may need surgery. But despite the pain Remi had endured, the resilient dog is full of love for every living creature she meets.

“She’s just a lovebug,” Lassell said. “Any time she sees someone, her tail goes and her ears perk up.”

Remi also has endless patience when it comes to Lassell’s four young children. “She’s even better with kids than she is with other animals,” Lassell said. “We have four kids in the house, and she’ll let them pull on her, pet her. Whatever a kid does, she’ll just let them do it.”

And after just a few weeks in her new home, Remi’s formed an unbreakable bond with her 9-month-old pittie brother. “They get along great,” Lassell said. “They’re best friends and they do everything together. We go on walks all the time, they sleep together at night and sleep in bed with me.”

Thanks to Lassell, Remi has completely transformed into the happy, healthy pup she was always meant to be. And Lassell couldn’t be more grateful for the unexpected addition to her family.

“Things are very hectic, but the house just seems like it’s complete now,” Lassell said. “We have two cats and two dogs, and she just completed it all. She’s my little babe.”

Sourece: thedodo.com

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