Wild Lion Jumps Into An Open Safari Vehicle And Goes Straight For Woman’s Face

Filya the lion has a unique way of welcoming visitors at the Taigan Safari Park in Crimea. The 2-year-old beast thinks he’s still a cute little cub and stubbornly demands a heavy dose of affection from every human he meets! Needless to say, tourists are always caught off guard by his clingy antics!

In this clip, we follow Filya’s endearing mission to get acquainted with each and every person on the tourist safari car driving past him. He lunges at the car and shoos the driver away as he claims the wheel, before proceeding to hug and nuzzle with the new humans. He seems totally unaware of his hugeness and begs every visitor to stroke him like a puppy!

The tourists are initially rattled to find themselves being cornered by a gigantic predator. But they eventually sense his innocent need for companionship and warm up to him. Within seconds, Filya is lost in bliss as he licks and rubs the tourists’ faces like a doting pet! Looks like the king of the jungle is very exacting when it comes to getting what he wants!

With the cuddly Filya refusing to leave the tourists alone, the driver has to drag him away in his arms like a kid! The lion finally steps out of the car and braces himself to say goodbye to his new friends. However, the poor thing does look super bummed as the car drives away from his enclosure. He’s such a handsome sweetheart!

Click the video below to watch Filya climbing into the safari car to cuddle and hang out with his new buddies!

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