Tiny Dachshund Begs Woman Not To Take Away The Only Friend He Has In The World

Dayana Davila had a case of puppy fever, so she went to a local store to see if any adorable pups were available, writes ilovemydogsomuch

One of the first puppies Dayana spotted was the most precious miniature Dachshund. She asked to see the pup so she could hold him in her arms and decide if she wanted to take him home and make him a part of her family. Unfortunately, one thing stood in the way of Dayana’s decision.

A sweet little Dachshund located in another pen saw her take his best little pal out of the pen and walk away. The tiny pup’s heart was broken as he pleadingly pawed at the window as if to say, “Please don’t take my best friend away or at least take me with you!”

Dayana shared the video footage of her tearjerking encounter to her TikTok page where over 15 million people have viewed it. Millions of her followers chimed in letting her know how upset they were at the sight of the puppy longing for the only friend he had in the world. They also wondered if Dayana purchased both pups before leaving the store.

She posted another video to TikTok with an update and stated, “You guys are wondering if I got two puppies or if I only got one. Well, I didn’t get either of them because I couldn’t afford them both.”

She revealed she’s wanted a puppy for a long time and she might go to a shelter to rescue a pup or perhaps save enough money to return to the store and buy the two little Dachshunds. A few months after her video went viral, Dayana updated her followers and said she did welcome a new pup to the family but it is neither Dachshund from the pet store.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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