Terrified Of Man, She Made Her Body As Small As Possible & Prayed He’d Go Away

Eldad, a seasoned rescuer with Hope For Paws, has seen his fair share of scared dogs. Whether these strays have started out on the streets or have been dumped by callous owners, they have their own stories to tell. And some of these stories are quite heartbreaking, writes ilovemydogsomuch

One dog, who had been on the streets for a while, needed a lucky break. She was dirty and underweight. When she made her way to a woman’s porch, the woman quickly called Hope For Paws and begged them to come over. The little dog needed rescuing, fast!

Eldad arrived and could tell that the pup was terrified. She was so fearful, in fact, that she didn’t move… For hours! She remained in that very spot, according to the woman, and refused to budge. Eldad didn’t want to traumatize her further so this would be a tricky rescue. He went and got his lucky leash and a humane snare.

It was obvious that Eldad couldn’t get close enough to the little dog to use the lucky leash. He would have to weave the snare through the bars of the porch and try to get it around her neck. Even though the seasoned rescuer was careful, he couldn’t catch her. The dog, too stunned to move, managed to get up and run to the corner of the building.

She pushed her frightened body up against the corner and made herself as small as she could. She felt trapped and confused. She didn’t want to be captured but this rescue was necessary for her own well-being. If only Eldad could explain that to her. He spoke calmly as he approached the little dog. He tried to tell her that it would be okay.

The frightened dog wasn’t convinced. She refused to make eye contact. She pushed her little head further into the corner desperately trying to disappear. But Eldad was not going to give up on her. This precious dog needed help. She needed a good meal, a medical evaluation, and eventually a new home.

He tried one last thing. The little dog hated every moment of her rescue and we feel terrible that she was so scared. But the thing is, in the long run, it is all worth it. Not only is the dog rescued, something amazing happens next. The pup, later named Kenzie, finally gets everything she deserves. We are so incredibly grateful for Eldad and Hope For Paws. Rescue groups never give up and because of them, so many animals are now thriving.

To see Kenzie’s entire story beautifully put together by The Dodo, please check out the video below. And don’t forget to support your local shelters and rescue groups because, without help from us, they couldn’t survive.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tvv

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