Sick Babes Huddle Together In Tight Corner After Being Left In Midst Of Night

Two vulnerable, sweet puppies were found huddled together for comfort, writes ilovemydogsomuch

They had been left in the shelter when no one was working. They were likely discarded by locals because no one wanted them. Thankfully, the shelter worker received a call about them when someone heard them crying out.

The volunteer goes out to his car to get vitamin and mange shots. This will help the puppies with lethargy and discomfort, as well as the itch from the mange.

The puppies don’t like the shots but they will help them. Just like our kids need to get vaccines, these puppies will have to endure some pain in order to feel better.

The puppies are soothed with lots of pets and kind words. The puppies can rest now. The next day, the puppies have ticks on them.

With a lack of resources, the open shelter that’s exposed to the elements, is always a challenge. The ticks are treated next. He also gives the puppies some extra vitamins in their water.

In just a few days, the painful mange treatment is working. The puppies hate it but you can already see such a difference. The sores are drying out!

Since they’re not as itchy, the puppies can finally relax and eat. They meet all sorts of new friends at the shelter. They’re growing so much by the day and are nice and healthy.

Soon they will be big enough to be available for adoption. It’s so nice to see how much people try to help animals despite having such a limited amount of money and resources.

It’s people like this that we hail as heroes. To see the puppies triumph, click play on the video below!

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