Senior Dog Hangs His Head And Weeps Because He Doesn’t Know Why They Dumped Him

A 14-year-old dog named Ox had spent all his life being a faithful companion to his owner. He loved his human unconditionally, but that wasn’t the case for the owner, writes ilovemydogsomuch

When the owner’s new significant other claimed to be “allergic” to Ox, the owner didn’t hesitate to surrender this weak senior baby to the nearest shelter.

The staff at the Humane Society of Hamilton County in Indiana were crushed to see Ox’s disturbing behavior in his kennel just after his owner left. Ox hung his head from his kennel bed and began sobbing like a defeated child. His heart was irreparably broken, and the workers knew senior dogs like him easily lose their will to live or get put down.

The shelter immediately shared Ox’s tragic kennel photo on social media, which tugged at the hearts of an overwhelming number of people. Within 2 hours of sharing the post, a woman drove to the shelter and adopted Ox! While Ox was still in shock from the events of the day, his spirits lifted as he found himself in the embrace of another loving human.

Gradually, Ox opened his heart to his new family and began smiling again in his new home. He was often haunted by the memories of his previous owner, but was also relieved that his new mom and human siblings loved him sincerely, kept him comfortable and were never mad at him.

Ox knew he was a cherished companion in his new home, but his heart was never able to recover from his previous abandonment and betrayal. Six months after his adoption, poor Ox passed away in the arms of the woman who brightened up his final days. We hope you are in a better place now, Ox. Rest in peace, sweetheart.


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