Scared Shelter Dog Was Constantly Ignored And Does Not Understand Why

The story of Noodles the shelter dog started off as a sad one. The abused Beagle was scared of everyone and was constantly ignored by all.

She’d just sit in the corner and never look anyone directly in the eye. Noodles sat there as if she wanted to die. Until one particular man showed up and decided to take a chance on her, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

The depressed dog caught his eye, and he just had to try and help. He took her home and introduced her to another dog he’d rescued named Weezie. The two dogs hit it off right away and bonded as if they knew they had something in common.

This helped Noodles break out of her shell, and she ultimately became a completely different dog! She’s such a sweet girl with a great personality. The man’s takeaway from her story? “Save a shelter dog… you will be glad you did.” ?

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