Scared Rescue Dog Kept Trying To Bite Foster Mom, But The Woman Never Gave Up

Heather the tiny dog was scared to her bones when she was first brought to a shelter. Her eyes were red and she had the saddest look of heartbreak on her face. But the moment anyone approached her, she let out shrill cries and tried to bite them. It was evident that Heather was a messed up abuse case who desperately wanted to protect herself from “monstrous” humans, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

The shelter reached out to a volunteer named Niko and asked her if she would foster the over-sensitive pooch with a high bite-risk. Niko immediately agreed and brought Heather home. However, she was at her wit’s end when the traumatized dog straight up refused to step out of her crate.

Consumed with terror, Heather tied to bite Niko several times – but the woman refused to give up on her. Instead, she started petting her with a treat as she coaxed her to come out of the crate. However, Heather retreated to the farthest corner of the crate and kept cowering in fear.

After a good number of failed attempts, Niko was finally able to coax Heather to crawl out of the crate. She then used a paper towel roll as a shield to put a harness around the unstable dog. But it was during Heather’s first walk into the neighborhood that she finally recognized the fuzzy feeling of being safe and protected by a human!

Over the next few months, Heather’s aggressive aversion to humans faded away into oblivion. She shocked everyone by actually transforming into a wholesome cuddlebug with a loyal and loving heart. It was a major triumph for Niko when an awesome family came forward to adopt this precious girl!

Heather was an absolute ray of sunshine in her new home! While she had turned over a new leaf, she still preferred the safety of her metal crate over her doggie bed. To reinforce her sense of security, her new parents bought her a doggie bed with a dome on top – and that was more than enough to make her feel sheltered again! She is living the best life now, completely untouched by the miseries that haunted her in the past!

Click the video below to watch how a nurturing bunch of humans banished Heather’s pain forever.

Source:, The Dodo

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