Rescue jaguar finds unlikely best friend in tiny dog named Bullet

If there’s anything apparent in life, it’s that best friends aren’t always from the same flock. In fact, some of the most memorable pairs of partners in crime are the ones that seemed the most unlikely to get along. That’s exactly the case with a jaguar rescue who found his best friend in a tiny dog, of all things.

While it seems a little unbelievable that a wild jaguar would choose a dog as his best friend, the two are actually perfect for each other, writes

The jaguar likes to go by Jag, and his best friend, a Jack Russell terrier, likes to go by the name Bullet. Seeing the unlikely pair together is a bit tense at first. The sheer size and weight of Jag seem massive compared to Bullet’s little body. However, once you see them frolicking together like a kitten and a puppy, all fear melts away into a puddle of love.

Seeing the wildcat interact with his best friend, it’s clear that these two have an unbreakable bond.

Jag was born to the South African wilderness and was found abandoned as a cub by the Akwaaba Lodge.
The animal rescue organization brought Jag into their sanctuary to keep him safe. While he was there, the little cub turned out to be a social butterfly, readily bonding to his handler. In fact, Jag was such an affectionate sweetie that he would even sleep in the same bed with his human.

While his human loved how sweet and gentle Jag was, he was rapidly getting bigger by the day, and his curiosity was growing just as big. He would need to be outside soon, and she knew she needed to find a way to keep him company once he was big enough to be outside.

Oddly enough, Jag’s mom found the answer she was looking for in her other furbaby, Bullet.
She knew how social Bullet is, and figured that if anyone could hit it off with the big cat, it would be him. She had no idea, though, just how right she was. Jag instantly adopted the small dog as his new best friend. Not only would they sleep and play with each other, but their bond is so tight that they can even eat together, too! There was no doubt in Jag’s mom’s mind that the two were a perfect match.

Jag’s human was over the moon that he’d found a best friend, but their problems weren’t quite over yet.
The sweet-natured jaguar kept growing, while Bullet stayed the same size. Jag was maturing into adulthood, which meant he would soon need an even bigger enclosure to roam around and play freely in.

When the day finally came for Jag to upgrade to a bigger enclosure, he and Bullet were heartbroken to realize that the dog couldn’t come with him. While everyone adored their friendship, they were worried that Jag wasn’t fully aware of his size, and thought he might end up hurting his best friend. That’s to say nothing of the fact that jaguars are feral creatures, and though he treated Bullet gently now it might not always be the case.

Jag’s rescuers soon realized that their plan to separate the best friends was never going to work.

The strange duo absolutely hated being separated from each other. Poor Jag cried his big ol’ heart out nonstop for a full 24 hours when he was first taken from Bullet. The doting wildcat was crushed that he didn’t have his best friend with him anymore, but he wasn’t the only one suffering. Bullet, too, couldn’t stand to be away. He refused to leave the entrance of Jag’s enclosure and kept sneaking around for a way back in. He just wanted to be close to his buddy again.

Finally, and thankfully, Jag’s mom gave in.

She realized that there was simply no separating the two, and even if there was, it probably wasn’t good for their mental health. They wanted to be together.

Once the door was opened and Bullet was let into Jag’s enclosure again, the two were right as rain.
While it’s true that Jag’s enormous size is concerning, he always takes extra special care when he’s playing with his tiny friend. In fact, Jag is so laid back that Bullet, the tiny dog, is actually the alpha in the relationship. Where Bullet goes, Jag is sure to follow.

These two have formed a beautiful, albeit unexpected, bond with one another. They serve as a perfect reminder that no matter who you are or where you come from, you should always jump at the opportunity to make new friends. Even and especially if they are from a different circle than you. To see more of their adorable bond together, watch the short video clip below.

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