Photographer Captures Lion Dad And Cub In Magical Hug – Real Life Lion King (+5 Pics)

A real-life Simba and Mufasa have been seen cuddling each other just like in the movie, writes kingdomstv!

The moment was caught on camera at the Masai Mara National Reserve in the run-up to Fathers day.

It was captured by Sabine Bernert, 53, from Paris who was documenting wildlife in Kenya when she came across this astonishing moment.

The series of photos she took show the lion father gazing around his territory before his adorable cub pretends to sneak attack him.

Many have compared the adorable moment to the famous scene from the Disney classic movie, The Lion King.

Sabine Bernert, who took the photos for a kids book said: “The lion pretended he hadn’t seen the cubs until the last second. Then they started to play joyfully.”

“I especially love the moment when the male lion is hugging the cub softly. The contrast between his brute strength and his gentleness, the huge size of his paw very softly holding the little cub.”

“I was amazed by the way this huge lion was playing so gently with the cubs. They really looked like they were enjoying themselves and have fun. With the delicate light of the sunrise, it was a pure moment of grace.”

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