People Find The Saddest Thing In This Box On A 90-Degree Day

A resident of Anson County, North Carolina, was out and about one day when they spotted a green bin sitting alone along the edge of some woods. Curious and a bit confused, they wandered over to peek inside — and were horrified to discover five tiny puppies, writes thedodo

The puppies were very young and too small to climb out of the bin on their own, meaning that someone had put them in there and then cruelly abandoned them. They were all completely trapped in the bin, baking in the 90-degree heat, and if they’d been left alone out there much longer, they most certainly wouldn’t have made it.

The Good Samaritan quickly got a crate and loaded all of the puppies inside, and offered them some much-needed food and water. They were soon transferred into the care of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s vet partner in Columbia, South Carolina.

“They were weak and dehydrated and apparently had a ‘funny smell,’” Jackie O’Sullivan, cofounder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, told The Dodo. “One was not doing well so we feared parvo, but after some fluids, baths and good nutrition, so far all five are doing OK.”

The puppies were determined to be around 6 weeks old, and were named Sullivan, Snoopy, Sanders, Simon and Sassafrass. After being vaccinated, dewormed and treated with medication and lots of fluids, the puppies are doing well and beginning to grow, and everyone at the rescue is so thankful for the kind person who saved their lives.

“They are lucky they were found in time,” O’Sullivan said.

The puppies still have a ways to go before they’ll be up for adoption, but people are welcome to start applying for them now. They’re receiving the best care currently, and as soon as they’re strong enough, they’ll be able to go off and find their loving forever homes, where they’ll never have to worry about being neglected again.


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