Pained Stray With “Torn Open” Wound Wagged With Hope As They Approach

Other countries, especially those that are poverty-stricken, are inundated by stray animals. Many pet owners cannot afford to have their animals spayed or neutered and then this issue just spirals out of control. One dog, later named Sunny-day, was living on the ground of a factory. It’s common for locals to feed the dogs and try to make them comfortable but veterinary care is out of the question, writes ilovemydogsomuch

That is why organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited are truly life-saving. The volunteers spend countless energy and donated resources to help animals like Sunny-day. The poor girl was severely injured. When rescuers received a call about the sweet girl, they headed over to the factory. They were met with tail wags and no resistance from her at all! She knew she was being saved.

They took Sunny-day straight to the sanctuary. Her wound was four inches long and exposed her neck muscles. She also had an eye infection that needed attention as well. Life had been so unfair to this sweet girl. Rescuers reported that she was a good girl through everything, even cleaning her wounds.

After undergoing surgery to repair the wound to her neck, she made a full recovery! Although Sunny-day had a lot of dark days in the past, her present and future hold nothing less than a happy, healthy life. Along with a lot of sunny days ahead. YAY! Watch the full rescue below. And thank you, Animal Aid! We love you guys!


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