Not A Soul Aided Dog Ditched With Broken Legs, He Wept & Nobody Bothered

It is our sole responsibility to take care of our pets, no matter the circumstances. Sadly, some humans do not understand this. When a poor dog broke his back legs, his owner did the unthinkable. He carried him outside and left him all alone to die, writes ilovemydogsomuch

A neighbor put water and food nearby but the dog couldn’t even sit up nor walk to get to the food. He was starving and dehydrated as well as being in significant pain. He cried out with all the energy he had left and thankfully a kind passerby heard him who called a local rescue group.

When animal rescuers arrived, their hearts hurt for the poor dog. He just laid there, panting, in obvious distress. They didn’t want to hurt him further so moving him to their vehicle wouldn’t be easy. They got a blanket and used it as a gurney. But because the dog was afraid and in terrible pain, he acted aggressively. He wasn’t a bad dog by any means but people could have perceived him that way.

Once the rescuers and the dog arrived at the vet clinic, the doctor confirmed that his legs were indeed badly broken. The vet performed several tests on his nerves but the pup no longer had any feeling in either leg. This poor boy would be paralyzed forever but that didn’t mean he couldn’t find a happy home and live a happy life.

Because the dog was left outside for so long, he needed IV fluids to rehydrate him. He began to feel better, especially when the vet gave him pain medication. The dog no longer lashed out once his pain was managed and everyone was much more at ease. The vet and his staff put the dog in his own kennel and made sure he was as comfortable as possible.

Next, it was time to see if he could eat a bit on his own… and he did! This was an excellent sign. The rescue group is confident that the brave dog will continue to improve. They are already looking into signing him up for physical therapy. Once the dog is strong enough, he can be fitted for his own wheelchair.

Just because his owner didn’t want him anymore, and coldly dumped him like trash, doesn’t mean he won’t make an excellent addition to a family. We pray he continues to heal and finds a happy home! Scroll down to see the dog’s complete story.


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