Mother Elephant Saves Her Baby From Fatal Crocodile Attack By Brilliant Trick

A mama elephant is attacked by a crocodile while drinking water from a river! The mama’s trunk is being bitten by the crocodile, that is hiding in the water, when she lowers it to drink water, writes thepetneeds

Luckily for the mama elephant, her calf is right beside her and decides to save its mama incredibly! However, the crocodile does not leave any chance to the mama elephant to fight as it grabs her trunk strictly!

The calf elephant knows that it has to do something to save its mama, so, it jumps on the reptile to give its mama a better chance to survive.

Finally, the crocodile is not able to deal with the weight of the baby elephant and the pulling strength of the mama, so, it leaves the mama’s trunk letting her free. What an effort by the calf!

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