‘Miracle’ Puppy Born With Two Tails And Six Legs

A puppy was born with six legs and two tails to a family in the United States. It’s the first documented case of a dog with these qualities being born alive. Now, one week later, she’s showing signs of a promising future writes theanimalrescuesite.com

The dog named “Miricle” is an aussie-collie mix. In addition to having two sets of back legs and two tails, the vet further discovered that the little pup has a few double organs, a double spine, and a double rear. Rest assured, none of the conditions they found were life-threatening.

While many animals born with unique conditions often don’t make it far in life, Miricle may just defy all odds.

Her owners have taken to social media to share her journey. On her Facebook page, they shared that she’s gaining weight and even starting to crawl around!

However, as expected, her mother rejected the unique pup and refused to nurse her. Despite that challenge, Miricle seems to be thriving – as best as she can, given her unique circumstances.

No one is sure what caused the deformities, but they believe it’s possibly from an egg not splitting properly in the womb. Though she may need a little more time to learn how to walk due to her extra back legs, which are tucked inside her outer back legs, they won’t be having her surgically altered unless a life-threatening condition presents itself.

Currently, all six of her legs respond to stimuli and work. She’s learning to use them to get around and seems healthy and happy. It’s unclear if she’ll need therapy, aids, or extensive treatment in the future, but her current prognosis is positive.

As Miricle’s veterinarian shared on Facebook, “she has 1 head and chest cavity but 2 pelvic regions, 2 lower urinary tracts, 2 reproductive systems, 2 tails and 6 legs among other things.”

Skipper’s family has started a GoFundMe to help offset the cost of Miricle’s care, including regular X-rays, exams, and possible future therapies.


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What a miracle little Miricle is!

Source: theanimalrescuesite.com

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