Man Was Feeding A One-Eyed Stray Cat, But Cat Led Him To A Dying Puppy Instead

This story is from a small village in North Africa, where the increasing number of stray animals is a major cause of concern, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The person who shared this video feeds many homeless pets in the neighborhood, and believes that the lack of medical care for animals in the area leaves many dogs and cats prone to diseases and suffering.

This video was taken during the feeder’s nightly round to offer food to stray cats. While many cats gladly accepted the food, a one-eyed cat bolted off at the sight of the man. The man followed the cat across dark narrow lanes, and ended up finding a terrified puppy hiding behind a small plant.

The puppy was weak and skittish, and in pain because of the parasites attacking him all over. It was unusual for a tiny puppy like him to be without his mama or littermates, so the man began combing the area to find his family. It was eventually discovered that the puppy was recently orphaned and had lost all his siblings too.

Considering the puppy’s vulnerability, the man took the puppy home. However, the puppy refused to consume water and seemed visibly troubled and petrified. Thankfully, he felt better after having a warm meal and developed a trusting bond with his rescuer.

The best part of this video is the reaction of 2 other rescue puppies living in the man’s home. The 2 older puppies came in excitedly to check on the new puppy in the territory. Once they were let in, they instantly sensed the orphan puppy’s heartbreak!

Watch this heartwarming video till the end to see how the 2 rescue puppies console the sad puppy with their comforting company! The trio embraces each other and snuggles up together to sleep. And just like that, their misery disappears as they become a blended family of siblings looking out for each other! Aww!

Click the video below to watch the orphaned puppy finding a glimmer of hope in his dark time!


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