Man Rescues A “Regular Mutt” Puppy, But Finds Out She’s “Not A Mutt At All”

A man learned about a homeless puppy suffering all alone on the streets. The fluffy puppy was a “mutt” and no one wanted to look after her, so the man took her home in that vulnerable moment. He named her Phoebe and began raising her with utmost love and care, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The man didn’t care about the breed or DNA mix of Phoebe, but he sure got curious as she got older. Phoebe was a gorgeous pup with a great personality and high energy levels. Over the months, he observed her golden and dense fur pattern, until her breed mix became pretty obvious – she was a rare Golden Retriever-Husky cross! Wow!

The man was shocked to realize that Phoebe was not a random stray, but endowed with the stunning features of 2 of the most sought-after breeds! While this pooch is all cute and chubby now, she’s going to look distinctly majestic when she grows up!

Phoebe can either grow up to have some dominant Husky genes like the handsome Golden Retriever-Husky mix in the picture above. Or she can grow more into her Golden Retriever roots but with captivating Husky eyes, just like the adorable sweetheart in the image below!

We are super excited to see Phoebe grow up with her unique set of characteristics! Her dad shared this story to highlight why people should never look down on “regular mutts”. At the end of the day, they are all unique dogs who offer unwavering loyalty and love to their cherished humans!

Click the video below to watch how Phoebe’s extraordinary gene mix turned out to be the best of both worlds!


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