Man Goes To A Shelter And Asks For An ‘Obese, Middle-Aged Dog’ Because He Was Told That He Has 5 Years To Live

This is the touching story of Eric and Peety, a duo that has the strongest bond of canine-human friendship, ever, writes theirfo

They depended on each other in times of need, and make a beautiful pair. Eric was severely overweight a few years ago, till he was 348 pounds.

This threatened his life – he spent thousands of dollars on medications alone on a monthly basis.

He also became socially reclusive due to his physique, weight and looks. He adopted Peety, who was also overweight, from a local shelter one day – the pair bonded instantly. The pair have lost 5 pounds together – that is truly amazing!

Unfortunately, Peety has now crossed the rainbow bridge and will forever be remembered by Eric. Eric has reportedly saved another dog from the local shelter 6 months later, named Jacob.


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