Kitten with Sweet Face is Given Fighting Chance and Determined to Thrive and Live Full Life

Muppet, a sweet little angel that chose to come into this life looking cute and special. He was born with deformities on his face and hydrocephalus and in need of special care. When angels are born, miracles happen. Muppet’s miracle was Audrey.

Audrey was his best chance because she understands how important is for the baby to be in the correct hands, to constantly offer your care and love and faith. Born different but born with a strong will to live.

After just a couple of moments Muppets started meowing loudly as if he was letting everyone know that he will live a long and happy life.

Day by day Muppet is eating, playing, meowing, sleeping and soon he will surely be walking.

See more of little angel Muppet below:

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