Husky Is Upset With Mom And Won’t Look At Her And Then Mom Starts Singing Her Favorite Song

One of the common tropes we see in movies or TV shows is when someone is angry and shut off, and the others begin singing that person’s favorite song. That cranky somebody can’t resist their favorite song and eventually gives in and joins in the singing, writes

Apparently, that stuff works in real life too! And not just on humans, but on dogs! Meet Mya the adorable Husky. Mya hates the flea spray, so when her mom put the flea spray on her, she got very pissed off. So much so that she won’t even look at mom now.

Like an annoyed child, Mya pouts and buries her face in the couch, showing her anger towards mom. But mom knows just what will get Mya back in a good mood. She begins singing Mya’s favorite song.

Bit by bit, mom coaxes Mya into joining in. Mya tries resisting for a while, but she just can’t take it anymore. She ends up getting so excited, she finally looks at mom and sings her note out loud! If that’s not adorable, I don’t know what is!

Click the video below to watch angry Mya’s adorable singing!

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