Hikers Find Big Ball Of Fur, Realized It Wasn’t Fur At All

A man and his dad went for a hike into the hills of northern Mexico and discovered something along their trail that completely took them off guard, wriets ilovemydogsomuch

As professional photographer Rada SC and his dad walked along, they noticed a big furry black creature napping along a hillside.

Being curious hikers, they approached what they thought was a sleeping animal. Rada SC shared with The Dodo, “I told my father that we should gently touch the ‘ball of hair’ to see if we could identify what it was.”

As the man got closer, he poked a bit at the ‘animal’ and that’s when he made a shocking discovery. What appeared to be a hairy creature was actually a mass of large spiders, and their legs seemed to be a furry creature. Imagine that: all those legs piled high resembled a dog’s coat.

Rada SC thinks the arachnids were actually something called harvestmen, a slender and harmless spider that group together to most likely avoid the sun.

They didn’t further disturb them, and the spiders quickly scurried back together.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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