Elephant Barges In On Interview To “Save” Her Caretaker From The Interviewers

Faa Mai the elephant was born in Thailand’s “Elephant Nature Park”, and has been raised by her caretaker, a woman named Lek, ever since.

Faa Mai dotes on her human mom and has become super protective of her over the years. This video captures her devotion to Lek in the most adorable manner!

This clip begins with Lek being interviewed by a TV crew, where she talks at length about her park experiences and skills.

Faa Mai nonchalantly seems to be hanging out with her herd in the background, but that’s hardly the case! All the while, she is simply lurking about suspiciously, making sure that the strangers dressed in black do not harm her mommy!

With the interview going on and on, Faa Mai loses her patience and decides to check on Lek. She leaves her herd and trots ahead at top speed to barge into the interview and assess Lek’s well-being!

She then affectionately wraps her trunk around Lek as she demands Lek’s attention and orders her to return to her. What an amusing goofball!

Lek is aware of Faa Mai’s possessive tendencies, for the elephant always “hates it” when Lek cares for someone else. Lek then whisks away Faa Mai back to her shed like a perfect mama, instructing the crew to hold off the interview while she attends to her giant kiddo!

Click the video below to watch Faa Mai possessively crashing her caretaker’s interview and begging for attention!

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