Dog With Broken Leg Senses The Woman Is Here To Help, So He Leaps Into Her Arms

A woman was driving on a secluded countryside road when she spotted something moving in the prickly overgrowth by the side of the road. She investigated further and soon spotted an injured dog limping in the dense bushes. The hurt, lonely dog was so thrilled to see her that he leaped over the overgrowth and jumped into the woman’s arms despite his agonizing wounds.

The dog, who was later named Vlad, seemed disturbingly emaciated and was desperate for help. He knew that the woman was his only chance at survival, so he embraced her and hopped into her car with a newfound hope. The poor thing was so hungry that he tried to gobble up a pack of tissues in the car, writes ilovemydog.

Vlad was taken under the care of rescue group “Howl Of A Dog”. His initial vet assessment determined that he had double leg fractures, possibly due to a hit-and-run. The injuries had worsened because they were at least a week old, which meant Vlad was out there starving and suffering all alone for that long.

Vlad had to undergo an emergency surgery to fix his limb issues. His rehabilitation was difficult, but the shelter workers cheered him on and gave him the strength to keep fighting through the pain and discomfort till he was healed. With further exercise, he regained complete function of his injured leg and bloomed into a brilliant handsome boy!

Vlad has now found his dream forever home with a family in Phoenix, Arizona, and he is living like an absolute prince! His new dad, Curt, has renamed him “Buddy”, that vibes perfectly with the pooch’s friendly and loyal personality. You have a great life Buddy – and always keep smiling!

Click the video below to watch Vlad rescue after he was found limping and rotting away in the middle of nowhere.

Source: ilovemydog

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