Dog Dragged Her Pained Body In Agony & Screamed For A Human To Intervene

Accidents occur every single day. For a stray animal, cars can be deadly. When this poor girl was spotted, she was dragging her body along after a speeding car hit her and didn’t stop to help. She cried out over and over, hoping someone would come to help her, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The poor dog was in so much pain. Luckily, an animal lover heard about the dog in need and called a local rescuer. The rescuer came quickly. The dog was in agony, covered in wounds. It was obvious that this dog would not make it if they didn’t act swiftly!

The dog was rushed to the vet where she was diagnosed with a broken spine. The x-rays didn’t look good but the medical staff had hope that with adequate care, she could recover. The vet also discovered she had just given birth so the rescuer went back out to find her puppies.

Sadly, none of the puppies were found but it is very possible they were taken in by a caring person. The vet thinks that the mama dog went out to find food and that is why she was hit by a car. Nevertheless, they had to focus on saving her life.

The dog couldn’t eat on her own so they provided her with IV fluids and medication. They then attempted to feed her through a syringe. She didn’t want it at first but then, as she was soothed by her caretakers, she took small bites. It was a victory indeed! A dog that tries to eat has hope.

A couple of days later, the dog is able to eat a real meal from a bowl. She’s never seen food like this before and now has a healthy appetite. Each day, the brave dog is improving but still has a way to go. She will need surgery on her spine. The vet is hopeful that with spinal surgery and physical therapy, she may even walk again on her own.

We pray that she recovers and lives a full life, just as she deserves. We are so grateful that she was found in time! Thank you to her kind rescuers and amazing medical team. Can we send her all our prayers? She deserves them!


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