Dog Abandoned At Train Station Cries From Sorrow As His Human Flees The Scene

When this pup was abandoned at the Eastbourne train station in the UK, he caught the attention of passersby around him because he appeared to be crying, writes post.bark

His picture snapped, the image soon went viral. The pup was left alone with merely a tray full of water. According to The Daily Mail:
“The dog was found whining and pining for his owner after patiently waiting by the railing for more than an hour on February 11 in the hope that he would return.”

One witness who was at the station stated seeing a man tie the dog up and then hurrying away in a taxi. With no one stepping forward to claim pup, the dog wardens in Eastbourne collected the dog and brought him to safety at one of their kennels. Although the pup was microchipped, when the chip’s contacts were reached, they denied ownership of the pup.

The dog has since been nicknamed Gazza, because as ITV reported, “he’s not too man enough to cry.” This is a reference to famous UK soccer player/team manager Paul Gascoigne, who cried during the the semi-final in the 1990 World Cup. Since taking Gazza into custody, the Eastbourne Council has been flooded with calls and emails of people wanting to give the pup a furever home. As a spokesperson told The Express, just yesterday the Council received 50 calls and 150 emails from hoomans wanting him to join their family. Hopefully Gazza will find his furever home soon! If you have info about those who abandoned him, or want further adoption information, contact the Eastbourne Borough Council.


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