Considerate Souls Cover ‘Dead Stray’ With Blanket, Bend Down As His Eyes Still Wept

There is nothing more soul-crushing than seeing an animal suffer, writes ilovemydogsomuch

As animal lovers, we are the ones to always stop and help no matter the situation but many people don’t care. This poor boy, they later name Kanzi, was lying helpless on the ground in the freezing rain. He desperately needed someone to stop and help him but no one did. Kanzi was close to death as hypothermia set in.

Two kind people were walking by and were appalled that no one had helped this dog! In fact, they thought he had already passed away and wanted to cover him with a blanket and give him a proper burial. But when they got closer, they saw his chest rise and eyes move.

Kanzi was so weak. His eyes looked so sad like he had given up completely. No dog should look this defeated but Kanzi felt worthless after being ignored for so long. The rain kept falling and he shivered to stay warm. Kanzi needed kindness and love as much as he needed a warm place to sleep.

The kind souls got a blanket and some food and did their best to make him comfortable while they made calls to the emergency vet. They explained that they had found a dog who was in grave condition. The vet said to carefully pick him up and bring him in.

The vet was immediately concerned about Kanzi. He was covered in old wounds and his bloodwork was a mess. He was in kidney and liver failure. The vet explained this and gave his rescuers the option of putting him down. The rescuers asked the vet if he could make Kanzi comfortable by giving him pain meds and IV fluids. The vet agreed.

Kanzi’s new human friends aren’t sure how long he has but still agreed to take him home. They want to show him what it’s like to feel loved for as long as possible. Kanzi is now living with the two wonderful people who found him. He struggles most days with fatigue but he is not in pain. His new parents are focused on keeping him around for as long as possible.

Kanzi is being spoiled as we speak and we are so grateful that he was finally rescued. It’s a shame he was ignored for so long, as people walked by too focused on their own lives.


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