Car Pulls Up On A Dog Lying Motionless In The Middle Of The Road

Right there in the middle of a street in Bali lay a stray dog as motionless as can be as a car approached. They hit the brakes and muttered, “I hope to God she’s not dead,” as they stepped out to check on her.

The homeless pup still didn’t react until feeling a touch on her paw. She may not have been dead, but she was on the verge, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

They’d never seen a dog less of a dog, just a complete shell of herself. They hurried her to the vet for a checkup and care, and they discovered she was blind and deaf. Although the dog didn’t react to anything, Scarlett Adler decided to foster her and provide a second chance at life!

Sophie would begin to relax a bit in her new home. With lots of good food, care, and love she only got better and better! Her personality came through as she played and interacted with the other dogs. Miraculously, she then regained some of her eyesight!

Sophie is like a brand new dog, and you can see her today in the video below. ?

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