Breeder Puts Paralyzed Puppy In Box Since He’s Worthless & Woman Tests His Will

Bueller was born with congenital defects causing significant issues including paralysis, writes ilovemydogsomuch

He could not walk and the breeder deemed him useless and unworthy of life. The breeder thankfully opted to bring him to a shelter instead of euthanizing him. He was handed over in a cardboard box. The breeder walked away with no remorse whatsoever.

These congenital defects are caused by irresponsible breeding. Yet the man turned his back on the puppy. But shelter volunteers took Bueller in hoping they could help him. The vet that volunteers at the shelter agreed that Bueller had a zest for life. The puppy wanted to live so they would do their part to help him.

Bueller needed physical therapy in order to strengthen his muscles. Hydrotherapy is a terrific option! And the puppy loved every minute. He pumped his little legs as best as he could. To see Bueller happily splashing around made everyone smile.

The volunteers also worked with a wheelchair to get him used to navigating around. He was always a determined little guy, barking happily as he tried to get to the treats set out for him. But no matter how determined Bueller was, his future was uncertain. That was until Bueller proved that with faith and love, anything is possible.

While Bueller’s new human friends had confidence in the little puppy, they weren’t prepared for what happened next! Bueller’s muscle memory was incredibly impressive. Way before the vet was certain he’d walk, the little determined puppy taught himself how to sit up and stand. He used whatever he could find around him to push his little body up. Everyone was totally floored.

No one was sure what would happen with Bueller next. But fate intervened. Bueller’s next “steps” in life prove that any dog is capable of anything they set their heart on. The breeder may have deemed him unworthy of a good life but Bueller knew better. To see Bueller’s amazing story, and what happened to the little guy next, scroll on down and play the video by The Dodo. It’s worth every minute!


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