Abandoned Dog Shields His Sister After They Were Cruelly Dumped In A Sewer

Hope For Paws got a rescue call about two Poodles living under a busy Los Angeles freeway. The rescue team rushed to the sight to find the sibling pair of a brother and a sister, struggling to survive in the sewer, writes ilovemydogsomuch

They approached the abandoned animals, only to find that the harsh life on the streets had made them mistrustful. The Poodles made a dash for the grungy tunnel to escape the strangers. But the rescuers didn’t budge, and followed them in the dark tunnel.

The siblings felt cornered, and the brother bravely stepped in to shield his sister against the unknown. The rescuers felt sorry for the shivering pooches, and offered them some food to gain their trust. With gentle assurances and strokes, they managed to rescue the dogs from the pile of trash.

They were rushed to the animal clinic and given the care that they badly needed. They were washed and their dirty fur was shaved-off. Soon, the pair returned to their happy, carefree selves as they cuddled and played with the humans around them.

Now named Cola and Pepsi, they fill the shelter with their happy smiles. They are up for adoption and we hope they find their perfect forever home soon enough! Thank you Hope For Paws, for being such determined heroes!

Click the video below to watch this amazing rescue!

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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