Abandoned By Owner At Supermarket Gate, poor Dog ‘Wags’ To Each Passerby To pray For Adoption

Abandoned and tied at the supermarket gate, the ρσσɾ dog “wags” to passersby hoping to be adopted, writes news.billcybe

Recently, a social network account named Binh An shared a clip about an abandoned dog who daily picks up customers at the supermarket gate, the touching story is spread quickly with extremely worthy everyday images. The love of the dog wags its tail in a friendly way to each guest, making the online community burst into tears because of his cuteness and affection.

In the clip circulating on social networks is a cute short-haired, brown and white poodle. I don’t understand why the dog was tied up here outside the supermarket entrance, so he accidentally became the “staff” to greet customers every day.

His expression is very cute and friendly, somewhat sad, when he sees guests coming in and out, he immediately wags his tail in greeting and is reciprocated with the guests’ love. Sometimes people linger for food and drinks or passersby sometimes swallow them as a thank you.

Every person who passed by, he looked at with sad eyes and a bit of regret, his act of wanting to shake hands made everyone who passed by had to stop to thank him and linger to play with the couple.

The dog was stuck in one place, constantly wagging his tail at the customer.

People going in and out of the gate all linger to pet him because he’s so cute.

No one knew about the poor dog’s plight for some reason, but the owner left it and tied the dog to a corner, making anyone passing by sympathize, with innocent eyes waiting for the owner to return to work. The hearts of the online community seem to want to “melt” because of the ease and affection of the dog.

Dogs are one of the most loyal animals in the world and they give us responsibility, concern, and care. It’s not just about being a foster pet.

Those who love cats and dogs will understand that they are a close friend when we are sad. The actions of the customers at the supermarket are commendable for stopping and exchanging their feelings for the dog.

Although it is only a fleeting moment, the dog will certainly feel the detailed feelings of people. For us, it’s the world out there, but for dogs, we’re all they have. Pets make us feel active love and affection just by communicating by touch.

Source: news.billcybe.com

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