A Live Goat Was Given To A Tiger As Food But The Two Became Best Friends Instead

Amur, a Siberian tiger usually eats goats. That is, until he met one now named Timur. Amur lives at the Primorye Safari Park in Russia and is fed live food twice a week (usually goats and rabbits).

But when Timur was put in the enclosure (the goat did not have a name back then), the zookeepers were surprised what ended up happening. Amur left the goat alone, writes reshareworthy.

“Nobody taught the goat to be afraid of the tiger. So, Amur decided not to mess with the fearless goat, and didn’t eat it,” the zookeepers wrote on the park’s website.

Since then, Amur has decided that Timur was not prey, the two act like old friends. Timur walks after Amur and follows the tiger everywhere.

The goat gets fed every day and Amur seems to be warming up to his new friend. Zookeepers said that he has even grown protective of the friendly goat. “[He] hissed at an employee who feeds the tigers, as if to tell him, ‘Hey, don’t you ever approach my friend.’ Before that, he never showed any aggression towards staff,” the zookeepers noted to RT. It seems that Amur is as fond of the goat as the goat is of him.

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The world was enchanted by the unlikely friendship that formed between Timur and Amur, but the two’s friendship went sour after they had a violent falling out. The zoo separated the pair after Timur poked the tiger with his horns, prompting the tiger to grab him by his teeth and shake him like a kitten. But Amur didn’t kill Timur, although the goat had to be treated for infected scratches. It’s been decided for the safety of both, they be put in separate enclosures. But their bromance isn’t completely over, according to the zoo. Their enclosures are right next to each other and the pair like to greet each other, albeit with the safety of a fence between them.

Well, sometimes when we love someone it’s better to love them from afar.

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